41st Anniversary


September 25, 2019

Yesterday’s dose of immunotherapy hit Dave really hard.  It was much worse than any of the Chemo he’s gone through in the past year.  Fevor, chills, nightmares, nausea, weakness and more coughing than usual, but he pushing through it as he always does.  Not one complaint.  He continues to amaze me every moment of every day.

This afternoon I will be taking him to his first of 10 radiation treatments (one every week day and the last one will be on October 8th) and then spending the rest of the day just with each other.  It’s our 41st anniversary and he gave me the most beautiful card.  I am truly blessed.

I wasn’t going to post another update so quickly as I am still processing all that is happening, but I wanted to let everyone know what a strong man he is.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Love and hugs to you all.


Dave had his first immunotherapy today.  Our understanding from Dr Ji is that it will be once a week for 3 consecutive weeks

He is also confirmed for Radiation tomorrow afternoon which will be radiation at 1pm for 10 strait business days which means day 10 will be October 8th.

Tomorrow is our 41st anniversary.  We spent our 40th Anniversary in the hospital in Atlantic City, NJ as we were at a trade show.

New Phase

September 22, 2019

Dave and I have been taking every moment we can to just spend some time together, even if it’s just sitting side by side on the sofa watching TV.

He’s had many tests and procedures’ since my last post so here’s an update on this new phase we are heading into.  It has been confirmed that he has non-small cell lung cancer.  His right lung has 90 percent blockage due to a mass.

This coming week will be a new phase.  Dr Ji stopped the chemo as it is now more important to focus on the lung cancer.  Dave will start immunotherapy this Tuesday and we are waiting for the confirmation when the radiation will start.  Last week he was mapped out and has tattoos for the radiation which we believe will start Wednesday.  The immunotherapy (given as an IV) will shrink, or at least stop the growth of the tumor while the radiation will pinpoint to kill the cancer cells.

We have meet with Dr Ji and many other the doctors at the Cancer center and have learned a lot and still continue to do so.  We continue to focus on one day at a time, one appointment at a time as it can be overwhelming if you do not.

Hugs and prayers to all our family and friends out there.  Your continued prayers are extremely comforting and thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.


#9 and 10 done

They just took Dave in for 2 mri’s that will take about 2 to 3 hrs.   These tests were ordered by his new neurologist Dr Starr.  We have been worried the his GBS  has reoccurred but per Dr. Starr it hs not so we are trying  to figure out why his lower back hurts so bad and his legs are so weak.   I am so frustrated for him that he can’t walk longer than a few feet without getting tired.  He loves golf and that is now out of his realm.




#8 Done

Thursday May 23, 2019

Today was a tough day for Dave although he did not complain I had to read him.  He was up at 4am (thought it was 5am).  I’ve come to realize that every round of Chemo is just a little tougher on him.  He was very tired and it was all I could do to let him drive himself today.

He called me to let me know he was on his way home and I call a little later to make sure he made it and he did.  I’m sure he slept a lot today and I truely can’t wait for the long weekend to just be there for him.


Fun In CT


Sunday  May 19, 2019

We enjoyed a 3 day weekend at Sharyn’s graduation last week.  It did Dave a lot of good to get away and see Sharyn and the Mish family.

This coming week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be round #8 of Chemo.

Busy busy time now that the weather is getting nicer but I’ll continue to post updates.  Hugs to everyone