#9 and 10 done

They just took Dave in for 2 mri’s that will take about 2 to 3 hrs.   These tests were ordered by his new neurologist Dr Starr.  We have been worried the his GBS  has reoccurred but per Dr. Starr it hs not so we are trying  to figure out why his lower back hurts so bad and his legs are so weak.   I am so frustrated for him that he can’t walk longer than a few feet without getting tired.  He loves golf and that is now out of his realm.





#8 Done

Thursday May 23, 2019

Today was a tough day for Dave although he did not complain I had to read him.  He was up at 4am (thought it was 5am).  I’ve come to realize that every round of Chemo is just a little tougher on him.  He was very tired and it was all I could do to let him drive himself today.

He called me to let me know he was on his way home and I call a little later to make sure he made it and he did.  I’m sure he slept a lot today and I truely can’t wait for the long weekend to just be there for him.


Fun In CT


Sunday  May 19, 2019

We enjoyed a 3 day weekend at Sharyn’s graduation last week.  It did Dave a lot of good to get away and see Sharyn and the Mish family.

This coming week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be round #8 of Chemo.

Busy busy time now that the weather is getting nicer but I’ll continue to post updates.  Hugs to everyone



#7 Done

Thursday April 18, 2019

Sorry for the delay in getting this update out to everyone.  It always takes me a day or so to absorb and process all the information.  Very long story short, Dave’s results were promising.  They will be staying with the same treatment/medication.  He will still be getting his chemo 3 days in a row, but instead of every 4 weeks, it will be every 5 weeks.

Dr Ji is happy that Dave is still doing very well with this Chemo (it is a mild version).  It seems every time he has a round of Chemo his numbers are just a little bit better before the next treatment.

The pattern that is developing is:

  • Week 1 chemo
  • Week 2 blood work just check his numbers
  • Week 3 blood work again and typically they are now low to the point he will need a transfusion of blood and/or platelets.  Last round he needed both.  Eventually Dr Brunner and Dr Ji are hoping he will hold is own and not need any transfusion.  That seems to be the next goal
  • Week 4 numbers are expected to be good and just starting to go down again
  • Week 5 is chemo.  The clue is that on week 4 they start going down a little which means it’s time for another round.

This Monday/Tuesday/Wed he had round #7.

Again – Thank you all for the prayers !


We are waiting for Dr Bruner and Dr Ji to get together

Friday in Boston was a very long day and Dave has been in pain for a few day due to his Bone Marrow Procedure, but he is not one to complain I just see it on his face.

It was a great distraction on Sunday for his youngest brother Mark and Mary to visit us.  We had a great time!

I will know more tomorrow afternoon after Dr Brunner and Dr Ji get together.  More info to follow then.

#6 Done

Sunday March 31, 2019        Long overdue update!

Dave’s round 6 of chemo was delayed a couple of weeks because he was hospitalized with the flu and pneumonia for a few day but that and round 6 is behind us.  This coming Friday we go back to Boston for two appointments and a bone marrow procedure.  Dr Ji said they will use this test to compare to his first two that were done prior to chemo.  It will let them know if what they are doing needs to change or to stay with the chemo they are using.

A week from tomorrow will be round 7.  I’m thinking it will take at least a week or so before we get the test results.

Home 🏡

Sunday February 24, 2019

Dave was glad to hear from the doctor that he was good to go home.  More prescriptions but he is home, in his recliner drinking his Dunks.  He is still caughing a little but fever is gone, blood pressure and oxygen are more inline.

We will see Dr Ji first thing tomorrow and I’m guessing the chemo planned for the next three days will be postponed.